OLIN is proud to announce the opening of A/D/O and the unveiling of our installation Herba Potentia.  

OLIN’s installation is part of the inaugural season of A/D/O’s Design Academy which kicked off in late January of 2017. Programming for the event explored the theme of “Utopia vs. Dystopia: Designing Our Imagined Futures.” Examining major cultural disruptions and scientific advances such as robotics, artificial intelligence, automation and new production technologies, the Design Academy asks whether designers will be the ones to tip the scales toward utopia or dystopia.

Herba Potentia explores aspects of utopian and dystopian landscapes through the lens of three gardens:  The Garden of Control, Emergence and Symbiosis. The installation was realized in collaboration with willow artist Bonnie Gale and custom display manufacturer, Print Structures.

AuthorTimothy Gale