What are Living Willow Structures?

Living willow structures are structures (such as domes, arches, arbors, tunnels, fences, hedges and even rooms and small buildings) that are made with large living rods that are pushed in the ground and woven into these forms. The rods then grow and produce a live, green shape. They are wonderful permanent structures that provide shady play structures, places for sitting and contemplation as well as powerful garden elements and accents.  Almost any form is as possible. In some cases, a metal substructure (covered with willow) is included in the installation in order to extend the shape and height. The new growth will be trained on to this substructure.

About Bonnie Gale

My work is focused on spatial containment and definition. My medium is willow. Functionality is the leading principle. I create beauty.” - Bonnie Gale

Bonnie Gale, Willow Artist, born in England, has been engaged with willow since the early 1980's.  With degrees in City Planning and Landscape Architecture, Bonnie brings a design expertise to each project.  Bonnie has created a uniquely strong method of construction [weaving principle and pattern], that can be applied to any living willow structure.  This technique comes from years of experience with willow and studying worldwide techniques. Her work speaks for itself.

Her installation work grows to provide both a product and an art for public and private institutions and private clients.



Bonnie Gale is available to design custom structures for your specific site and garden. Along with her helpers (installations need several pairs of hands), she will also install and discuss maintenance for your installation.  If you already have an idea or design, Bonnie can work with you through conversations, models and drawings to make the idea a built reality.


Design forms that are available include fedges, arches, domes, tunnels, arbors, rooms and benches in all combinations. Bonnie is also available to design and build to your custom specifications. Please inquire.


Bonnie Gale and her team offers all phases of design and construction:

· Analysis of Client Goals
· Concept Design
· Site Specific Planning
· Detailed Design
· Site Preparation
· Construction
· Maintenance